Throat Punch Securities

Crawl, Walk, Run
The initial meet

Rain, just having reentered the city, took a few weeks and settled himself in the Seattle Underground. He began his search for an old friend, using old trid videos of his celebrity mechanic trid show “Just Rig It!” It took a while to find him, but Slow Horse couldn’t stay hidden from his old comrade forever. Upon finding Slow Horse, Rain brought a proposition from a fixer that he had recently met. A mysterious elf, who looked a little out of sorts but spoke with an easy confidence overheard their conversation and introduced himself as Trogdor. Trogdor proposed that he could benefit the two of them by providing Matrix backup, which Rain and Slow Horse knew from experience could make or break a mission. All three decided to work together and embark upon their first steps into the Shadows.

The traveled Downtown to meet the Fixer, Jake, in a bar called the Gilded Lily. Unlike its name it was much more down to earth. Jake passed on the information that a restaurant owner, Kenneth Sellers, has reached out requesting a team of individuals who can acquire some hard to get information. The group quickly agreed, believing that they had the skill set for such a task.

The group then traveled to Sellers’ restaurant, Mucho Bucco, and was met with some disdain from the host, but quickly pulled inside by Sellers. Sellers explained that he had been feuding with another restaurant for years and last year things got out of hand when many people got sick from food poisoning at this restaurant. He showed the party that his security footage is missing thirty seconds from that night, but shows an Orc that is there at the beginning of the gap and gone at the end. Sellers, after a year of searching, has found an image of the orc’s face and can surmise that he has cybereyes, which may have recorded the events in question. Sellers asked the party to find the identity of the orc, paying 5,000 nuyen.

Trogdor, formally of Knight Errant, called an old dispatch buddy and was able to get him to run the face in their facial recognition software. He did have to promise him a favor which, with Knight Errant, could end up being costly, but it was definitely worth the risk. The party brought the information that the orc’s name is Guinan Mclure and works for the Finnigan mafia family back to Sellers, who is delighted and asks the party to find him and pay him for the video.

This ends up being much easier than anticipated, due to Mclure having no need of that video and the party paying him over 2 months rent for it. Trogdor, Slow Horse, and Rain all watch the video. Trogdor and Slow Horse both gasp in shock seeing Edmund Jefferies walking by the front window being shuffled along by Emile Corrigan, current chief of staff to Kenneth Brackhaven the governor of Seattle. They both remember that Edmund Jefferies disappeared around that time last year, and has not been seen or heard from since.

The party returns to the restaurant and displays the video to Sellers, who only notices that it does nothing to show any foul play against his establishment. He pays the runners and asks them to leave.

The runners are now thinking about the myriad of ways they have at their fingertips to find out more information about that day last year and Edmund Jefferies. They know that the more information they have, the easier it will be to profit from it.


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