Seattle 2075

Three Runners, new to the shadows, in one big city that does not look kindly upon those still learning the ropes.

Any single impression of Seattle is going to be inaccurate, because one impression cannot contain a city as large as this, a population so variety.

Every type of person you can conceive of is here—unimaginably rich business magnates, master thieves, staunchly judgmental law-enforcement officers, relaxed neo-hippies, shamans looking for deposits of toxic sludge to bury themselves in, brilliant inventors, equally brilliant patent thieves, gangs looking to build power for themselves, gangs looking to burn everything down, mobsters who would shoot their own brother and sell their own mother, pimps, muggers, robbers, murderers, assassins, every possible kind of sinner, and precious few saints.

It’s this variety that helps make Seattle the shadowrunning capital of the world. Other cities may have more devastated barrens, wealthier corporate headquarters, or more magical resources, but no city has it all like Seattle does.

Its location, an isolated UCAS island surrounded by the Salish Shidhe Council and not far from the Tír Tairngire, ensures that government tensions will always be part of the city’s mix, while its North American location and historically high traffic and immigration from Asia means that all the megacorps feel they have a key population base there (Aztechnology and Saeder-Krupp may have the least claim on the city but still compete fiercely in its borders, partly out of habit).

The sheer amount of wealth involved in these battles attracts all variety of organized crime. And on top of that, dragons have taken root in the city, adding to the powers attempting to claim the sprawl for their own.

The money is high, the stakes are higher, so the competition in the shadows is fierce.

Slow Horse has spent the last two years working in his Automotive shop, bought with the money he saved from his military days, still maintaining the drones that he acquired from his tour of duty with NAN. He enjoys not having to march and run behind that large troll anymore, but an itch for the old adventure has seeped into his stubby bones.

Trogdor has worked for government and law enforcement since he could get a job, with a nice trust fund left to him by his adoptive parents, but has found that working for organizations that are as corrupt as they seem just will not do anymore. He has decided its time to put his skills to a more sinister use.

Rain, finishing his last tour of duty with NAN, has just entered Seattle. His work with special forces and covert operations have made it obvious to him that while military duty is honorable and respectable; it does not pay the way Shadowruns pay. He has decided to use his military honed skills for his own benefit, and has coming looking for an old friend.

Throat Punch Securities

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